DanzWorks Dance School and Talent Makati

Ballet Age 8 - 12




Boys and Girls Aged Between 8 and 12


The course is designed for beginners with little or even no previous ballet dance experience.
This course will introduce basic to intermediate dance moves and requires a reasonable level of discipline for students to progress satisfactorily. No previous dance experience is required, (course is an excellent for students progressing from the 3 – 7 age class), and the course in addition to training students in correct dance movement will build student self-confidence, poise and posture.
The course will culminate in a recital where students will demonstrate their developed skills in ballet movement. In addition certificates of completion will be presented as well as class rewards for outstanding students.


Ballet or soft shoes preferred but bear feet acceptable


Maricel Dulla
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Dance for Fun Schedule

  • Sunday (12:00)
  • Monday (12:00)